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Wednesday March 18th 2015

8:00                 Registration
8:55                 Holy Quran Recital
9:00                 Opening & Welcome address
H.E. the Governor of CITC Eng. Abdullah A. Al-Dharrab

9:15                 Handing Gifts to Speakers

9:40 – 10:00     CITC Keynote & CITC Presentation
Dr. Sulaiman Mirdad, Deputy Governor – IT, CITC
As the ICT industry matures, Saudi Arabian organizations are starting to embrace more advanced ICT technologies, which are, in turn driving the adoption of mobility. According to the research undertaken by CITC, Saud Arabia is showing strong mobility adoption dynamics with signs of a healthy future outlook. In this presentation, CITC will summarize key findings from the 2014 ICT Report and highlight specific challenges related to the adoption and provision of smart devices, mobility services and mobile applications. CITC will outline a set of measures that Saudi Arabia could introduce to accelerate the growth of this dynamic ICT ecosystem.

10:00                Q &A
10:10                Coffee break

10:30 – 11:45      Panel 1: Challenges in providing mobility solutions
Chairperson: Eng. Ahmed Al-Faifi, Managing Director – SAP Saudi Arabia
Through its increasing wireless data speeds, sophisticated devices, and progressively tighter integration with other internet business models, mobility has become a much more extensive ecosystem than it was even five years ago. From a relatively simple network, it has evolved into a rich delivery platform for solutions and services. The number of services has expanded dramatically, and so has the number of providers. There are number of ways that developers, network operators, device manufactures and government entities can collaborate to accelerate the pace of mobility development and foster sustainable business models for all players in the mobility ecosystem. In this panel, innovative and successful providers of mobility solutions will discuss how they contribute to the development of mobility in Saudi Arabia.

• Dr. Furaih F. Alshaalan, GM of Research & Developments – STC
• Eng. Wael Al-Ghamdi, VP of Data Solutions – Mobily
• Mr. Rakan Tarabzoni, Windows Business Group Lead – Microsoft
• Mr. Padman Kumar, Consulting Partner – Wipro
• Eng. Bader Azzouqa, Sr. Pre-Sales Consultant – FireEye

11:45                 Q &A
12:00                 Prayer Break (Duhr Time : 12:02pm)

12:30 – 13:30     Panel 2: Mobility Adoption Trends
Chairperson: Dr. Marwan Al-Ahmadi, Chairman – Virtustream MENA
With increasing penetration of smart devices, enterprise mobility is becoming increasingly widespread. At the same time, businesses are struggling with consumerization: not only the bring-your-own-device paradigm (BYOD), where employees want to use their own smart device, but also the assumption that company applications will match common consumer offerings in both functionality and behavior. Government services are starting to take advantage of smart devices as well, introducing new services in mobile government as well as the related areas of m-health and m-education. In this panel, representatives from different organizations will share their experience in implementing mobility solutions, and discuss how to overcome the current obstacles.
• Eng. Ali Al Soma, Director General – Yesser
• Dr. Khalid Al Odhaibi, CIO – King Fahad Medical City (KFMC)
• Mr. Yahya Abdulrahman, CIO – Saudi Electricity
• Mr. Muhammad Al-Bakri, CFO & CIO – Saudi Arabian Airlines

13:30 – 13:45         IDC Presentation
Paul Black, Program Director, Telecoms, Middle East, Africa and Turkey, IDC MEA & Turkey
IDC presentation will introduce current trends seen in the global mobility market and describe how mobility has been changing the way individuals, businesses, and government organization use ICT technologies. The current trends will be highlighted from the global perspective, and possible future trends will be outlined and discussed.

13:45- 14:00           Q &A
14:00                      Summary & End of Forum/ Lunch